You need to hire someone, stat! You’re in for the fight of your life.  

The Labor Department recently reported that while job openings fell in November, there are currently more job openings than unemployed workers – in fact, 1.4 jobs are available for every ONE unemployed worker. That means with demand higher than supply, you will have to fight for every applicant, every interview and every new hire. Now what? 

Finding the right employees is challenging enough without having to battle it out.  

Hustle Partners understands the workforce is changing both culturally and through technology. We will not only find you top-quality talent, but we also make sure each relationship is a cultural fit – at a fraction of the cost of traditional staffing firms.  

But if you are dead set on muscling through it yourself, here are some effective strategies to attract and retain the best talent in your respective industry.  

Hospitality and Tourism 

It’s important to understand your candidate pool. Focus on hiring individuals with excellent communication skills and a passion for customer service. Emphasize the opportunities for growth and potential travel benefits that come with the job. Northern Nevada is most known for its gaming and tourism, so hire individuals who are passionate about what you have to offer. 

Invest your time in building social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok to showcase your workplace culture. Not only will this attract top talent, but it will also build your visibility as well. Stand out from your competitors by offering flexible scheduling and competitive benefits. 


Start by building your brand. Create an employer brand that values teamwork and customer satisfaction and highlights the potential for career advancement within your business.  

Implementing an employee referral program entices current employees to share job openings with their peers, giving you direct referrals and in turn rewarding your current employees. Participating in local job fairs will give you face-to-face time with potential candidates for real-time assessment.   


Understand industry demands. Recognizing the need for empathetic, skilled, and patient-centric professionals will set you up for hiring success during your interview process. Offer continuous learning opportunities and competitive compensation to further their professional advancement. 

Locate niche job boards specific to healthcare to reach your target candidates, because that is where they will be applying. Highlight your commitment to employee wellness and work-life balance. Northern Nevada is home to a variety of local hospitals competing for nursing school graduates and leading professionals in their field.  

Manufacturing and Logistics 

Research candidate expectations. Candidates often look for job security and opportunities for skill development. Emphasize the use of cutting-edge technology in your operations and how closely they will work with this technology. 

Offer competitive wages and benefits like health insurance and retirement plans to attract long-term, dedicated employees. Highlighting safety measures and a supportive work environment to give potential employees confidence in applying. 


Know your audience. Appeal to candidates who value physical work and seeing tangible results. Stress opportunities for apprenticeships and certifications to allow candidates to gain experience and training.  

Partnering with trade schools and offering on-the-job training will allow you to train candidates who are serious about joining your team. Showcase your projects and their impact on the community to highlight the value of your work and expertise.  


Target the right talent. Look for individuals passionate about shaping future generations and emphasize a supportive community and professional development opportunities.  

Offer competitive salaries and benefits like tuition reimbursement for those seeking opportunities directly out of school. 62% of University of Nevada, Reno graduates stayed in Nevada to work full time in 2022. Creating a nurturing and collaborative work environment to attract recent graduates. 


Tech professionals seek innovation, creativity, and a challenging environment. Stress your commitment to using the latest technologies and methodologies to appeal to candidate preferences.  

Hosting tech meetups and hackathons will attract top talent and allow you to observe potential candidates. Offer remote work options and flexible hours to appeal to those who value work-life balance.  

Finance and Banking 

Appeal to industry-specific needs. Candidates in this sector value stability, growth opportunities, and ethical practices. Highlight your commitment to financial integrity and customer service. 

Attending industry networking events and offering mentorship programs and career development plans will give you visibility in the industry and help you stand out from others during the hiring process. 


This sector requires hardworking, resilient individuals with a passion for sustainability. Stress the importance of your contribution to the local economy and food supply. Show them why you’re the best option for not only employment but also as a company that aligns with their values and mission. 

Offer competitive wages and emphasize the wholesome, outdoor work environment. Partner with agricultural schools or programs and offer internships for students or recent graduates. Northern Nevada is an opportune location to find individuals passionate about agriculture. 

Nonprofits and Social Services 

Attract committed individuals by looking for candidates driven by a sense of purpose and community service. Emphasize the impact of their work on the community and the opportunities you provide to families and individuals in need.  

Utilizing social media to showcase real stories of impact will draw candidates interested in your mission and showcase the work you do to the public as well. Offer flexible working conditions and highlight the supportive work culture. 

Gaming and Entertainment 

Northern Nevada is known for its gaming. Just like the tourists who visit, candidates are attracted to the dynamic and exciting nature of this industry. Highlight opportunities for creativity and innovation and emphasize the impact their future work could have on the industry. 

Offer competitive salaries and perks like event passes and showcase your brand’s involvement in exciting projects and events. Remind candidates the unique aspects of this industry they won’t find anywhere else. 

Small Business Owners 

Understand the challenges of being a small business. Small businesses often compete with larger corporations for the same talent pool. Focus on creating a unique and compelling employer value proposition to set yourself apart from the rest. 

Highlight the potential for greater responsibility and impact in a smaller team and offer personalized growth opportunities and a close-knit work culture. Utilize local networking events and social media to increase visibility. 

Still want to tough it out? 

In Northern Nevada's diverse job market, understanding candidates' specific needs and preferences in each industry is key. By implementing these tailored strategies, you can effectively attract and retain the top talent necessary for your business to thrive. OR… can let us help you find the right people. Whether you want full-time, part-time or gig-workers to cover short shifts or one-off projects, give us a try.